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The Thrill of a Bite

I sent three queries out the week of July 5th. I found this process took a LOT of energy. Researched many, many agents. Spent a lot of time reading Query Shark and revising before sending. I highly recommend checking out Query Shark’s blog:

I then got busy working on several interconnected short stories. I went a bit wild and made a Venn diagram with ideas to interweave characters and plot points– fun! First time I’ve tried that kind of mapping.

And then! The thrill of a bite 😀

On July 28th I received a request for my manuscript! I ran through the house whooping, gave hugs (safely- to my household family!), and did an endless jig all day long. Of course, I sent my manuscript within an hour of receiving the request.

I the meantime I took an amazing, inspiring short story writing class with Hannah Tinti, founder of One Story magazine and award winning author:

On August 6th I received my first rejection. Deflating? Yes. But it’s all part of the process and I have plenty of company. At least the agent responded fairly soon, and she was kind enough to send a personalized email.

Patience and persistence! Onward.

I’d love to hear your tips, query roller coaster stories and successes!

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